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Mission Statement: We the members of the Soul Tigers Marching Band, Inc, come together to gain knowledge and skills and develop attitudes necessary to learn to value ourselves, each other, and the world around us through mastery in music, theory, and composition. As a band joined together through harmony, we strive to:

Develop a sensitivity and passion for the arts

Master the value of time management and discipline

Foster self esteem through musical creativity

Connect the arts with excellence in the core classes, and particularly in mathematics

We promise to always provide high quality music in an atmosphere of excellence, so that we will exsperience the joy of self-expression and friendship through song and performance

The program improves academic achievement, increases school attendance, and supports young people?s positive and healthy development while they learn to read, write, play music and work together as a marching band. Additionally, what is said of all the arts is supremely true of music. When a child studies music, significant elements of his or her education and life find focus and expression.

Academic success is directly affected by musical studies. The skills acquired through the discipline of music transfer to study, communication and cognitive skills required for success in school. Further, participation in ensemble helps students build their self-esteem while working effectively together in the school environment, without resorting to violence or other inappropriate behavior, such as drinking and drugs.

In essence, music education in our schools benefits our children and communities in very real and substantial ways. Music education elevates success in society, school, developing intelligence, and life. Once fully funded, the Soul Tigers will be the pulse of a community in need of vitality, hope and programs that bring out the best in our youth.

The Soul Tigers perform in all venues including but not limited to :

 Schools,Weddings,Clubs, Parties, Album release parties, Sweet sixteen parties, and Corporate events

We have performed for and Head Lined with artist such as : Mariah Carey, Ciara, The Legendary Sugar Hill Gang, T.I, M.I.A, Chaka Khan, Randy Jackson Etc.


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